·      Why should we send our child to Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy when there are other school options available in our neighborhood?

Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy offers a dual curriculum to our students.  This means that children attending BHJA receive general education offered in public schools based on the NY state standards and the common core IN ADDITION to a comprehensive Jewish education.  Our class sizes are kept small to ensure individualized attention to each student in a nurturing and stimulating environment.  Our school aims to develop life-long learners and leaders within the community.

·      Will my child receive the same general education as they offer in public schools?

Our schools general education curriculum is based on the New York state standards and the common core.  Although we make sure to cover the required learning benchmarks, we work hard to not only meet these learning outcomes but to surpass them.  Our dedicated staff, the small class size, and the attention to detail through development of class activities allow our students to connect to the information in multiple ways.  This allows not only for mastery of concepts presented but also the ability to delve deeper, ask more questions, and ultimately understand the topic on a more profound level. 

·      Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy is a ‘No Child Held Back’ school.  What exactly does this mean?

Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy is a ‘No Child Held Back’ school.  This means that we provide student centered education where teachers adapt their teaching to their students instead of expecting students to adjust to their teaching.  At BHJA we believe that every student should be encouraged to reach his or her full potential.  We partner with the whole family to ensure that our students are successful in their learning, are able to achieve their goals, and pursue their interests.  Please contact the school to further learn about the ‘No Child Held Back’ education and ways in which we accomplish this initiative. 

·      Will my child/family feel comfortable if we are not practicing Judaism in our home/keeping Kosher/etc…?

Our school aims to introduce and teach what Judaism has to offer.  The goal is to develop an understanding and love of Judaism and its concepts while respecting each family’s decision of what they do in their own home. 

·      Is there a dress code that my child has to follow?

Students are required to wear a school uniform.  We work exclusively with Lands’ End where families can purchase the required uniform.  In addition, boys are required to wear a kippah throughout the day.  Tzitzit are encouraged for boys, but are not mandatory.  Tzitzit are required to be worn by boys for the morning prayers portion of the school day. 

·      What steps have you taken to make sure my child is safe while in school?

We take safety of our students, faculty, and all who visit our building very seriously.  All doors remain locked at all times with a security guard at the main entrance to ensure that only those who have business within the school are allowed to enter (i.e. faculty, parents, etc…).  Security cameras are located throughout the building.  To learn more about our security precautions please contact the school.


***We realize the importance in picking a school for your child and we understand that each family will have other questions they want answered to aid in this decision.  We encourage you to contact BHJA (headofschoolbhja@gmail.com) so that we can answer any questions you may have.