The Campaign for Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy

Be part of the next great innovation in Jewish education

If you care about the next generation of Jewish students, this is your chance to make an impact. Rabbi Aaron Raskin of Brooklyn Heights is expanding the three-year-old Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy, currently serving three elementary school classes, to include a high school. He is enlisting the help of the community to raise the funds to make this dream a reality and ensure the school is ready when today's BHJA students reach high school age.

With excellent Jewish and secular studies, the high school will provide the perfect environment for girls and boys from religious yet modern families, many of whom would probably attend public school if not for this special program. Rabbi Raskin's philosophy can be summed up by the school’s raison d’etre: “To inculcate in children a love for God, Torah, your fellow person, and the Land of Israel.”

  • Small class sizes, with a student/teacher ratio around 15:1, will allow teachers to be inclusive and focused on each individual child. Shadow assistants will also be available for students who need additional attention.
  • Students from all Jewish backgrounds will be welcomed. BHJA's current students hail from Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Park Slope, and Brooklyn Heights.
  • Judaism isn't just taught as another subject. It is instilled in students with love, focusing on the classic Jewish texts, particularly works dealing with Hasidic thought.
  • In an effort to bring this vision to life, Rabbi Raskin has launched an ambitious project to purchase a building in Brooklyn Heights that will house an elementary school and high school for 400 students. The property costs $15 million and additional funds are needed for refurbishing.

A charismatic and dynamic Jewish scholar and teacher, Rabbi Raskin is no stranger to leading ambitious projects that benefit the community. He has been profiled in National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Jerusalem Post. And he is the author of the following books: Letters of Light: A Mystical Journey Through the Hebrew Alphabet, By Divine Design: The Kabbalah of Large, Small and Missing Letters in the Parshah, Guardian of Israel: Miracle Stories of Tefillin and Mezuzah, and the co-author of The Rabbi & The CEO: The 10 Commandments for 21st Century Leaders. His latest work is Thank you God for Making Me A Woman.

However, he can't create the expanded Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy alone. He needs your support and the support of the entire community to make this exceptional educational opportunity available for our children.

Giving Opportunities

  • Visionary, $10 million: Naming of the school.
  • Pioneer, $5 million: Naming of wing (two opportunities)
  • Leader, $700,000: Naming of swimming pool
  • Educator, $500,000: Naming of classroom (21 opportunities remaining, 5 reserved)
  • Coach, $500,000: Naming of basketball court
  • Sustainer, $50,000: Naming of mezuzah

Gifts may be paid over one to three years.

To discuss how you can support the campaign, please contact Rabbi Raskin at 718.510.6905 or Your support will make the difference for our Jewish community's future.