Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy offers a dual curriculum of Judaic studies and general education to our students.  Through our Judaic education we aim to instill an understanding and a love of Judaism.  The curriculum covers Torah, Jewish holidays and customs, tefilla (prayer), Jewish history, and the land of Israel.  Ivrit is introduced throughout the day and through all activities.  Our curriculum is set up to build Hebrew vocabulary and fluency in speaking, reading and writing.


Our general education curriculum is constructed using the New York state standards and the common core.  Activities and learning opportunities are structured in a way where students are the forerunners in their education with the teachers facilitating the learning process.  Students are encouraged to question, research, and apply ‘book’ knowledge to real world with connection to their lives.   


We use a Go Math! program from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in introducing and teaching math to our students.  For kriah, we use a Montessori inspired curriculum which students move through at their own pace and ability level.  For teaching Hebrew script, K’tav B’kalut program is used.  Furthermore, daily electives such as physical education, chess, home economics, Tikkun olam, and Ivrit enhance our school curriculum.


Main concepts for each grade level and subject area can be explored through each curriculum tab option.  To learn more detail about our program please contact BHJA.